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We all feel like getting down with our smart gadget’s memory after a while. Although, the iOS is pretty smart enough to settle up the memory within its devices, but at the end of the day, it is just a man made device, so it is understood that there will be some drawbacks.

Users usually come up with the solution that restarting might help them, but then it is also very time consuming procedure. Fortunately, there is a better way to make your memory alive and you can resume working with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad feasibly. Here are some of the steps that you can take to make your device work without any hassle.

The procedures of enhancing the RAM capacity are distinctive for the rebooting. This method is quite useful for the gadgets which have the RAM with 1 GB or in the iOS version lesser than that.

Follow these simple steps to make space within your device’s RAM:

  • Start off by pressing the Power button of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You will see that the message of Slide to Power Off has appeared.
  • You do not have to respond to that message for switching off or canceling that sign. While the message is appearing on the screen, then you have to keep pressing the Power switch while at the same time, hold the Home button as well. When you will press the Home button for some time, then the screen will go dark and the Home Screen will be back.

Now, you have to unlock your phone and tap the Home button twice so that the app switcher could get activated. When you perform this act, you will see that all the applications are reloading and they are still running as they were before. All this happen because as mentioned above that this procedure will clean and tidy up all the unnecessary items or stuff that was stopping your RAM to perform smoothly.

This swindle is kind of life saving when you do not know anything from the old schooling or from the usual tricks. If you have the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, etc, then it is very rare that you will have to go through this procedure. Whereas, in iPhone or iPad with the 9.0 iOS, it is likely that this issue will occur so this easy trick is very handy.