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We’re already in the second week of the Clash of Clans sneak peeks of the upcoming major update that this game will receive in December.

This major update will bring a New Town Hall level 11 along many others. According to today’s sneak peek we’ve seen the Town Hall 11 upgrade, it seems that the elixir storages and gold storages max level will be increased to level 12. With other words, by adding all the resources together, you will be able to hold a maximum resource of 10 million elixir and 10 million gold! The developers have also showed the new Wizard Tower and Laboratory, which you will be able to update to level 9.

At the same time, the village area will get bigger after the game will receive the major update and the attack time will be increased with 30 seconds in order to make up for the size increase.

We have some good news for everyone who’s inside a clan and you should know that once this major update is released, you will be able to donate or request one Dark Spell from your clan mates.

Some sounds effects have been adding when you are searching for villages to attack. In concordance with Galadon, a well known Clash of Clans gamer, you will get a sound notification when you find a village to attack. There will be also a sound when you are unable to find a village to attack. Unfortunately, the sounds were not presented by the developers, but we’re sure that they will unveil them in the near future.

Clash of Clans will receive a major update this month, but unfortunately we don’t know when exactly this will happen, hopefully, the developers will come with more information soon.