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Apple has released the iOS 9.2 BETA 3 to the developers and public beta testers, which is only about one week after the iOS 9.2 BETA 2 was released, the latest update is the 5th release of iOS 9 and the second major Apple update.

The public beta testers and developers can now download iOS 9.2 BETA 3 (build 13C71) from Apple’s Beta Software Program website, compared to the previous BETA builds of the iOS 9.2, this seems to be a minor improvement. However, the latest update comes with some interesting features and once it will be released for the wide public, it will contain the following features:

In iOS 9.2 Siri Supports Arabic Language

iOS 9.2 brings support for the Arabic language in Siri. It is good to know that Apple has opened some retail stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai a few weeks ago and this new feature will make a lot of people that live there to purchase iOS devices, it is good to know that when iOS 8 was released back in 2014, Apple also brought Arabic support to Keyboard Dictation and QuickType.

AT&T NumberSync Wi-Fi Calling Support

If your iPhone is connected to AT&T and you upgrade it to iOS 9.2, you will be able to use the NumberSync Service, the AT&T NumberSync allows you to connect all your AT&T devices such as tablet, smartphones and other wearable devices to your main phone number. For example, all the incoming text messages and calls are routed to the other devices, allowing you to reply to text messages or answer calls from your tablet.

3D Touch Will Function Smoother

3D Touch is a new iPhone feature that’s able to sense how much pressure is applied on the display, this feature will be improved in iOS 9.2 and you will notice that it will function smoother than before.