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Microsoft had a formidable comeback with its new Lumia 950 and 950 XL flagships, the first smartphones that ran on Windows 10. This operating system has been in the spotlight ever since Microsoft has announced it in September 2014. Its official released for PC happened at the end of July 2015 and now, the mobile version is rolling out to many Lumia devices. And it seems that the popularity of the Windows 10 Mobile has increased lately and now it runs on 7 percent of active Windows Phones.

After the launch of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL phablet, the Windows 10 Mobile usage started increasing and compared to the previous month, when the percentage was 5.7. Many fans preordered these smartphones and more people will buy them when they’ll reach retail stores across the world. Also, there are lots of older Lumia devices which started to receive the Windows 10 Mobile update and their owners will finally take advantage of the new features this operating system is offering.

The Android users are able to root their devices and flash custom ROMs, and now, even some of the Lumia Windows Phone models can be rooted as well, and the tool that unlocks the bootloader is called Windows Phone Internals. Similarly to the method used in Android, Windows Phone Internals will allow you to flash custom ROMs onto the Lumia phone.

Microsoft isn’t the only manufacturer selling Windows phones. Freetel is a Japan-based manufacturer which launched a phone called Katana 01, which runs on Windows 10 Mobile and costs only JPY 12,800 (about $104 US). The phone is available for purchase since yesterday.

There is also new camera application created especially for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, so if you want to install ProShot, look for it on the internet. With it, you’ll take high quality pictures without needing an expensive DSLR camera.