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The Pinnacle of GTA V World Enhancement Project is a mod for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto five, which takes the game to a whole new level. From beautiful to absolutely superb, the game was considered really good before in terms of graphics, but now with the new mod it is a lot closer to reality. This mod enhances a series of features in the game that make it look better and feel more real, thus improving the gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto mods are not a new thing and in the pas there were a few mods that turned older titles like GTA 4 into next generation game. When talking about GTA V, there are already a few mods available that only enhance certain aspects of the game or add a limited amount of new features, but The Pinnacle is completely different. Check the video of the mod and decide for yourself if the mod is a viable option for you, or at least it will increase the sum of options to choose from.

Unlike other mods, The Pinnacle covers, more or less, every aspect in the game. Starting with visual effects enhancement like better reflections, new and improved weather system, photorealistic raindrops and puddles, rebalancing colors within the game, improved shadows, lighting, wind effects and many more and finishing with modifications made to vehicle handling, game physics and collisions. NPC interacting has been redone as well, in a much more realistic way than previously in the game. After all of this, regarding all the modification, we could easily talk about a brand new game, with closer to real life images and actions.

The Pinnacle of GTA V can be downloaded for free if you are interested, just visit its website and find out more details about how you can install it.