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The original Google Glass was a head-mounted device which looked like a pair of eyeglasses, but with a so called display with interactive lenses. The device supported voice commands and it was paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it ran on Android OS, but it was compatible with iOS-powered devices, as well. The Google Glass was extremely expensive, costing $1500, and at the beginning of this year, the company stopped selling it. The project wasn’t fully abandoned and it seems that Google is preparing the second generation, whose design has been revealed through a patent.

The Google Glass 2 will have a more minimalist look that the first model, as the device will head on a single ear, which means that it will have a monocle design and the display will sit above the user’s eye. The exterior of the Glass 2 will be made of molded thermoplastic elastomer and it will be automatically adjusting itself when the user puts it on, according to the form of the head of the person who wears it. So, if a friend asks you to give him your Google Glass 2 to try it out, the flexible frame will adjust itself to the shape of the new wearer’s head.

So, Google has ditched the traditional set of spectacles, but the touch panel component situated on the frame has been retained and the display is attached via magnets. Inside, it will house an Intel Atom processing chip, but its model name hasn’t been specified. The previous Google Glass was powered by processor created by Texas Instruments and it had a poor battery life which we’re pretty sure that be improved, which means that Google could use a larger battery pack.

The heads-up display element could be bigger and it will be able to move both vertically and horizontally. The Google Glass 2 is codenamed Project Aura and it’s targeting the Enterprise market, but the device will be cheaper than the original model.