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Nowadays, we tend to fill our hard drives with photos, videos, music and all kinds of files. Some smartphones have low internal memories which don’t support expansion and the users need to copy files to a computer or laptop. Other PC users are worried that their machines might break down and they don’t want to lose their important data, so they want to save it on an external drive or DVDs. Here’s another solution, which involves saving files on the cloud. Two of the best cloud services are Dropbox and Google Drive, with over 400 million active users from all over the world. So, which provider you should use?

Ease of Use

Dropbox will create dedicated syncing folder on each desktop or mobile device, where you’ll move the documents you want to save on the cloud and they’ll be automatically uploaded to your online account. But, if the file is too big, it will take some time until it will be uploaded.

Google Drive gives you the option to upload files from within the web browser, but they’re “dumped” into a central location, so you’ll need to create folders and manage your uploaded files on the Google Drive site. However, it seems that the buttons which are placed along the top of the site doesn’t seem too intuitive. However, it’s very easy to share folders by right clicking on them and selecting the Share With option.


Dropbox will upload file with an overall size of over 40MB in approximately three minutes. When downloading the same file to the desktop, the process is completed in only a few seconds. The service has been improved lately, but it depends also on your internet connection.

Google Drive might experience some “jams”, and to explain you better, let’s say that you’ll need to upload over 350 pictures with a total size of 40MB. When the transfer process begins, Google Drive will indicate that only 340 files will be uploaded and you’ll wait many minutes until you’ll realize that only a few pictures are saved.


Dropbox has the Basic plan with 2GB of free space, but you can increase the capacity through referrals. The Dropbox Pro plan costs $9.99/month or $119.88/1 year and you will be given 1TB of space.

Google Drive has also a free plan, but with 15GB of space, while the 100GB plan costs $1.99/month and for 1TB of storage, you’d have to pay $9.99/month.