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Three years ago, when Apple has released the first iPad Mini, the sales went well for a period of time. The fans were interested in purchasing this tablet because it was much cheaper than the larger iPad, but its popularity has decreased over time and the company is aware that this mini version is like a fading star and maybe next year, they’ll stop releasing a new generation.

The iPad Mini line has serious sales troubles, having a drop of 50 percent in sales in the last two years, and neither the larger tablet is doing so well. One of the reasons why the consumers are turning their direction to other tablet is that other companies are selling their products at a competitive price and they’re also running on Android, the platform which is preferred by lots of app developers.

The second reason invoked by the analysts is the iPhone cannibalization, but we believe that the iPad mini has become less popular is because it has some software issues and Apple hasn’t give all the interest in making the iPad Mini more interesting than its bigger brother. We can agree that all Apple tablets look the same, and this strategy isn’t really working, because the fans would like to see some changes, and not another tablet with a simple aluminum back.

Most likely, the iPad Mini 4, which is currently priced at $399, will benefit from a price reduction in the near future, or else the product line will continue to see a reduction in sales. The iPad Mini 4 is $100 cheaper than the latest iPad Air and it has the same price as the previous iPad Air. So, it’s obvious that the consumers will want to buy the tablet with the larger screen, but which has the same price.

Also, after Apple has increased the size of its iPhone’s screen from 4-inch to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch, the fans were completely fascinated with the new models, because they were able to enjoy playing games and watch movies without struggling to understand what’s on the screen.

Unfortunately, the 7.9-inch iPad Mini is too large to be put in a pocket and can’t replace a laptop, because it’s too small and its processor is not that powerful.

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