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Xbox One is surely a powerful console and there are many Xbox fans that still own an Xbox 360 and want to finally move to the “next-generation” console. It took the game developers almost two years to finally release some exclusive games for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but, from now on, it seems that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are left behind. The developers want to take advantage of the power of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so they can make their games better than before. However, it seems that it will take a while until the full power of these two consoles will be used.

If you were planning to purchase the Xbox One console, then you have the chance to get the 1TB version of it along with the Fallout 4 game for only 329 dollars. We’re sure that nobody expected the Xbox One 1TB to be sold with Fallout 4 at this very low price, but it seems that you can purchase it right now at the price we’ve mentioned above.

Keep in mind that this sale was actually expected to come Sunday night but for some reason this sale was already available starting yesterday. So, if you’ve missed the Black Friday deals, don’t worry, because you can purchase the 1TB Xbox One console with the awesome Fallout 4 game that was just released this month and which came with a very attractive price, pleasing the fans that have been waited it for so long.

We remind you that the offer doesn’t have unlimited stock and this bundle will most likely end before Monday evening. Cyber Monday is hold by many online and retail stores such as Walmart, eBay, BestBuy and more.

Are you planning to purchase the Xbox One 1TB + Fallout 4 bundle or are you a PlayStation fan?