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With the iPad, iPod touch, and an iPhone, it is very feasible to clear the browsing history and web pages in Safari browser at once. This is a common option, but most of the time, you want to get it more distinguished. Just like we can delete the very recent past activities from the desktop browsers, we can also delete the cookies, web data, search results, other activities and caches from today, last hour, few hours back, today, and yesterday, etc. this option is so useful that allows you to clean the history of specific time period instead of cleaning it altogether.

If you did not remember using the private browsing option in your iOS Safari, then with this latest update, you can easily remove everything from the history tab at any time or after any time, you want.

How to delete the Safari searching items   

If you have more than one device connected via iCloud, then the data will be erased from all those devices as well. The working norms of iCloud are distinctive and removing this way is essential otherwise the history will be present in the other connected devices.

You can perform the deleting history task by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the Safari and click on the Bookmark tab. You will see that it has appeared like a book.
  • When you see that Bookmark tab and got it opened, then you will see the History tab present there. Now click on it.
  • At the bottom of the History tab, you will see the option clear written there.
  • Many options will come in front of you, like yesterday, last hour, 2 days ago, a week ago, etc.
  • From the past hour: Click on this tab will remove all the activity that you did in your Safari browser in the last hour or even before that.
  • Current day; whatever you searched, watched or browsed today, will be removed when you will click on this tab.
  • Past and Current day: All the website’s data that you have visited will be removed that way from todays and yesterday’s history.
  • All the data: The Safari website visits that you have made could be deleted by going into the Settings and click onto remove all website information.
  • After performing this, the click on the “Done” tab, which is present on the corner side of the Safari browser.

As soon as you perform this all the data will be deleted from your Safari and all the iCloud connected devices, which has the same Apple ID. It is recommendable to remove the data from all the iCloud devices so that no one else could get the history from it.  In case, if you are not in the habit of removing data after using the Safari, then you must use the Private Browsing mode in your Safari iOS.

Another option is that if you want to delete certain number of pages from the history, and then use that option by using delete the particular Safari browsing history pages.

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