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It is not stopped till Windows only, the Windows is now reaching to the iOS as well. The designing of Cortana App by Microsoft is now available for all the iOS devices too. At the start of this month, the testing session was held by the developers for the Cortana iOS Beta program, the Microsoft has taken another step to move a step further and provide the application for physical testing to the participants.

Everyone is aware of the rivalry in between the Siri and Google Now, while Google is easily workable with all the Windows devices. But, now, the Microsoft’s powered software will be supportable on your iPhone or iPad as well.

All those people or testers who came for the opportunity to test this Cortana iOS beta through TestFlight of Apple are now getting something useful with that provided option. As the words were out, the Microsoft was flooded with the applicants’ requests asking to check out that what Cortana is all about and what are they offering. Although, it is unknown that what was the basic selection criteria upon which the company is selecting the testers. The further details are that the Microsoft has started dispatching emails to all those who are going to be involved in the testing session of Cortana.

In the email the testers are informed by mentioning that they can now download and install the recent beta version of the Cortana Application and start using it. In the very first model, there is an absolute assistance for audible controlling. It is same as on the Google Now and Siri.  With the device, the iPhone will be able to synchronize with the features like reminders, scheduling, and alarm clock and with the calendars as well.  If you are looking to get more work done from the Cortana, then you can track your flights, luggage, locations, current sports’ situation and latest news on the financial stocks. You can also keep yourself up to date with the upcoming current events.

After the three months of launch of Android Cortana beta, the Microsoft is planning to release the Cortana iOS beta. As the new interacting tool is available on two major Android beta and iOS beta, the Microsoft might boost its availability to the other platforms as well, which are powered by the Windows 10.

If you are another proposes or want to-be tester for the new Cortana iOS beta, then keep checking your inbox and on the TestFlight Apple app because you may be chosen up as the official tester and get some exciting offers.

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