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On Tuesday, Vine availed its application’s extension to Apple Watch, as well as adding a new discovery feature to its iOS app.

Vine is a video sharing service that allows the users to share short looping video clips. It is an entertainment network where the users can get to watch trending, funny and culture influencing videos. Vine has landed its features on the Apple Watch making users play and view tiny videos just on their wrists. There is also an added feature that makes users stay up to date on the number of times their videos loop.

Vine for Apple Watch.

The latest Vine for Apple Watch features two distinct feeds; one that displays a collection of Favorite vines and another one that shows Featured vines. For each of the feeds, the user is permitted to either favorite or re-Vine the contents, whereas the user manually refreshes the content in the Featured Vines with just a tap of a button.

The application comes with a custom complication for different faces of the Apple Watch that shows the number of times a video has looped and also acts as a quick link to the Vine app. This Twitter-owned application apparently does not display timeline feed on the Apple Watch unlike its parent company. This certainly shows the differences in how people use the features on both services.

Demoed in June

Since its demonstration on stage in June during an Apple event, Vine for Apple Watch has been in the making. It is in this spirit that Apple gave Vine an opportunity to exhibit the ability of apps to play back videos in the September-launched watchOS 2. There seems to be delay in Vine’s debut of the app on the Apple Watch, with the watchOS 2’s earlier launch in September. This may be attributed to general sluggishness of Apple Watch applications. Big up to Vine for Apple Watch app that has shrunk down the features and still enabled users to view videos  that load fairly slowly on a tiny screen.

Vine for iOS app adds new tool

With competing video app Snapchat’s recent debut of a feature dubbed ‘Story Explorer’, Vine has also introduced a new tool to the iOS app. The feature allows users to simply swipe on any Vine to the left so as to load related video clips. Story Explorer on the other hand allows users to view a number of snaps of a single Story but from different people.

The updated app’s version 4.4.0 is found in the Apple App Store and is free, compatible with the iOS 8.0 or later versions.