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Thanks to the latest Viber update for Android and iPhone application, you can now delete the messages you’ve sent. With other words, you can delete your own messages from the recipients’ phones.

In addition, the latest Viber version for iPhone allows you to use the quick reply feature and to send files to those that are running the latest version of the application. The latest Viber version for Android and iPhones can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

From all these new features, the most interesting one is the one that allows you to delete messages that you’ve sent to other persons. Until now, you were able to delete messages from your own device. However, from now on, you can delete any message that you send to someone from his own smartphone. This way, if you’ve sent a message to someone and want to make sure that the receiver doesn’t show it to someone else in the future by deleting it.

In addition, Viber comes with a new Quick Reply feature for devices that run on iOS 9. With other words, if someone sends you a message on Viber, you will be able to send an instant message right within the notification. Keep in mind that this feature currently works only on iOS 9 and the previous iOS versions don’t support it.

Using the latest Viber version on iOS 9, you will be able to search a Viber chat session within Spotlight, allowing you to find and jump right into the right conversation without having to open the Viber application. The new Viber version also allows you to send attachments to recipients, but they will need to have the latest Viber version installed or it will not work.

Will you use the new Viber feature that allows you to delete the messages you’ve sent from the recipients’ devices?