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With the phone set to be launched in 2016, rumors began to appear about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6. Same as the Galaxy S7, it is said that the manufacturer will reintroduce the microSD card slot in its next generation of mobile devices. Also it said that the Note 6 will be the first device from the Korean manufacturer to embrace 4k resolution.

Sony was the first company to release a 4K resolution device on the market, and Samsung isn’t far behind it, considering the fact that the technology is already available within the company. There were some rumors about the Galaxy S7 receiving 4K resolution, but some think that the Note 6 is a better candidate. Samsung’s variety of devices covers the mobile phones market, with the Galaxy S series as its flagship and the Note series closing the gap in terms of phablets. The mobile market has carried the company throughout the last years and is important for it to stay at the top, leading to innovation in terms of design and technology, thus implementing 4K resolution would be a step forward for the company.

A new feature that will be available on the Note 6 is the USB Type-C, which was rumored to be available on Note 5 before it was launched. Considering that Apple has implemented this technology on its laptop series, but not yet on its phones, Samsung is sure to be ahead of them and introduce this technology on the Note 6 and even on the galaxy S7.

Along with a new and improved stylus, the Note 6 is said to have some extraordinary specs, making it the most powerful device to be launched on the market. Among this specs there are a few that will knock your socks off, like 8GB of RAM, 16 core processor, fast-charging technology like no other and a bigger battery to handle the 4K resolution display.

With all this being said, the launch of the Galaxy Note 6 will be one of the most impressive mobile releases in 2016.