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Mozilla is the company behind the second most popular web browser in the world – Firefox.

This company has just made a revelation that many will be surprised to hear.

Mozilla has acknowledged that it no longer needs money from Google in order to keep standing on its own feet. According to the non-profit organization, it is set to make even more revenue from the new search deals it has struck in the recent past, CNet reveals.

Mozilla and Google have been working hand in hand in a deal that saw the former earn handsomely for allowing the latter to run as the default search engine in its browser. This contract came to an end in 2014 and during this final year, the deal with the search engine giant earned Mozilla a massive $330 million in terms of revenue. This and more insights into Mozilla’s annual report can be found here.

If you have been using Mozilla Firefox web browser, you may have noticed some changes since the beginning of this year. The company has turned to other search engine service providers such as Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu; all of which are available to users in the U.S., Russia and China, respectively. Those living in Europe can still access Firefox with Google as the default search engine, however, Denelle Dixon-Thayer, who is the chief of business and legal officer at Mozilla, said that the company does not in any way benefit from this arrangement.

To even further bolster Denelle’s words, CFO Jim Cook said that he is confident 2015 will be better than previous years.

“We really look forward to releasing our results next year” Cook said. “2015 will show our constant track record of very strong financial results”.

Mozilla is one of the few entities that are dedicated to offer users with a web experience that is open source and extremely unbiased. Google has a trend of tweaking search results such that they favor its own products, something that Mozilla has freed itself from my going a separate way with the search engine giant. In short, the results the users will get from Firefox will be unbiased and in favor of all web search providers, which will only get better due to free competition among these search providers.

Mozilla still struggling in the mobile world

Mozilla has been working on different ways of growing its revenue, but there are still lots of challenges the company is facing, especially in the mobile world. Many tech companies such as Google and Apple are excelling in the mobile world, but Mozilla’s attempts have been almost futile all the time.

There is a mobile version of the web browser available to both the Android and iOS users, but it has yet to gain significant traffic on smartphones. The non-profit also owns an operating system known as Firefox OS, which came in back in 2013. However, it hasn’t lived up to its dreams of entering and dominating the developing markets with low-end smartphones. The company also came in with another attempt to bring its services to TVs, but things did not work out well either.

The latest attempt involves giving the Android users an opportunity to download and install the Firefox OS on their devices such that one can choose booting from either Android or Firefox OS using the same device. However, it is yet to be known whether this move will bear any significant fruits.