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Lenovo Razer Edition PC high end computer build by a partnership between two of the best computer manufacturing companies in the world. Lenovo is said to throw in the money and the manufacturing utilities and Razer will bring its well known gaming experience. This could be an amazing thing for the gaming world.

This collaboration was announced at DreamHack in Sweden, on Friday and it will not only give birth to gaming computers but to an entire series of gaming devices including laptops, keyboards, headphones, mousse, you name it. The first product of the series, the desktop Lenovo Razer Edition, is said to be launched in the first quarter of 2016.

This first prototype has similar features with both of the companies’ previous gaming devices. It looks like a Lenovo Y900 pimped out with the green lights, same as all the other Razer products, and a cool rainbow-like light coming from underneath the device. So far nothing has been said about the specs of the device but we will have to assume that will be close to Lenovo’s Y900, with massive amount of graphics processing power.

Lenovo adopted a strategy similar with the one used by Dell with its Alienware series. Both companies have a separate brand for gaming devices instead of pumping up their own brand with gaming computers and other gadgets.

This partnership is a win-win situation for both sides. On one side Lenovo reaches beyond the mainstream and more into the niche of high end gaming computers and it associates its name with a well known member of the niche. On the other side, Razor completes a series of projects, like Project Christie prototype, and expands beyond building peripheral into building full-on gaming computers. Another advantage for Razer is that Lenovo has all the necessary hardware to build computers leaving them more into designing and making the products unique.

This sounds good, but until 2016 we will have to be patient and expect a loot of black and green.