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Buoyed by the success of the iPad, Apple has been coming out with new alterations of this popular tablet every once in a while.

The iPad Pro is one such invention since it is not only responsible for adding an alternative in the iPad line-up but also providing a competition for the Surface Pro.

Talking Size

The first impressions of the iPad Pro are that it is an extremely large device. It is straight away apparent because of the large 12.9 inch screen. This screen is so large that the gap between the icons is larger than the original iPhone. In order to cope with this extraordinary size, Apple provides a whopping resolution of 2048 x 2732 pixels. Despite this, the iPad Pro has a pixel density of just over 250 PPI and this speaks volumes about the size of the display.


A major selling point of the iPad Pro is its ability to support the Apple Pencil. It may be seen by some as an exorbitantly priced accessory, but it can do some of the coolest things on a tablet. Apple just have the ability to make things cool and it is quite evident from the Apple Pencil, which retails at $ 100 and is extremely hard to get as of now. Another accessory that goes well with the iPad Pro is the keyboard, which attaches itself to the tablet through magnetic strips. In many ways, this accessories makes the Apple device take the Surface Pro head-on.


However, aspects of the iPad Pro that are likely to be seen as a disappointment include the eight megapixel rear camera. This camera looks especially out of date in comparison with the latest 12 megapixel shooters being employed in the iPhone 6S and soon to be expected in the upcoming iPads. The front camera is an even more disappointing 1.2 megapixel shooter with only 720p recording capability.

The extra-large nature of the device does have its advantage in aspects like battery life and speaker quality. The size has allowed Apple to provide a whopping 10,307 mAh battery whereas there are four speakers on either side of the device for excellent audio clarity. Like many other iPads, the iPad Pro is available in different versions depending upon connectivity and memory. Prices are certainly not cheap with the base 32 GB version costing $900 without any additional accessories.