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Smartphones are useful communication tools for personal use or for business purposes. Regular people with a data plan don’t enjoy unlimited internet, especially if they are using messaging applications and they’re making voice calls. They’re consuming their megabytes pretty fast and need to connect to a wireless network to continue to browse the internet. There are ways to get free WiFi, and we’ll teach you how to become a “leech”.

Buy A Coffee At Starbucks Or Eat At McDonalds

These big companies know how to make their customers happy and they will always return for a strong coffee or a delicious hamburger. Besides, while you’re sitting on the table, serving your meal, you can use their WiFi network and log into your WhatsApp or Facebook account and check your messages.

Stay In A Hotel

We’re not suggesting you to move to a hotel, but if you’re planning to spend your vacation in a mountain resort and enjoy the snow and winter sports, you might want to check in at a hotel, where you’ll have access to free WiFi. Usually, the customers are handed the password, so they can connect to the network.

Tether Your Smartphone To A Friend’s Device

If you have friends with bigger data plans, then they won’t mind offering you free wifi so that you can check your messages on Facebook or Twitter, but we don’t recommend you to start watching YouTube videos or Vines for half an hour.

Read A Book At The Library

Yes, libraries have books and free WiFi. Or, at least the password is written somewhere on a visible place, such as the wall. Just enter the password and enjoy chatting with your friends while you’re browsing through a book.

Use Your Scanner

When you’ll be in an area with an open or unsecured WiFi network, your Android smartphone will inform you and will try to connect to it. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and see what connections are available.

Spoof Your MAC Address

In order to score more free minutes, you can spoof your MAC address by going to the home screen and tapping the Menu button, then going to Settings > About Device > Status and scrolling down until seeing a 12-digit code shown under Wi-Fi Mac address. The next step is to open the Terminal app and type these commands: $ su followed by Enter and $ busybox iplink show eth0, also followed by Enter. Then, you will type these command: $ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (the new MAC address), hit enter and to check if the change has been made, enter this command:
$ busybox iplink show eth0, followed by Enter.