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Apple released its Apple TV, but it seems that you will need to manually enter the Hulu password, Netflix password and more using the remote, as there is no Remote Application for iPhone.

However, you will be able to avoid entering your password on the new Facebook application on your Apple TV. Once you will see the login screen on the Apple TV, you will need to open the browser on your iPhone or PC and head to the website and enter the code that’s showed on the Apple TV. Keep in mind that you will need to be logged into your Facebook account on your iPhone or PC, or else it will not work.

It’s good to know that Facebook is not the only application that comes with this kind of authentication method. If you’ve installed the YouTube application on your Apple TV, you’ve probably noticed that you can connect it to your Google account by using the same process. It is good to know that other TVs that are running on Android TV OS are using the same login mechanics.

In addition, you are able to integrate the Facebook share buttons in other applications to share photos, videos, links and more. We’re sure that the developers of applications will find this feature very useful, as they can promote their applications. In addition, if you login using Facebook, the developers can use the Facebook’s social graphs to find your friends in multiplayer games.

Let’s not forget that Apple TV was just released a few weeks ago, so there will be many applications that will be released for this device.

What are your thoughts about the Apple TV? Do you think that there will be more applications available for this device in the near future? Do you think that’s worth purchasing the Apple TV?

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