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Facebook at Work is the social media company’s attempt to stake a place in the ever-growing enterprise world.

Just recently, this company added a new feature to this platform – Work Chat – and it aims at bringing the Messenger features to the work place.

The new app, which is currently available to the users of Android devices only, will allow workers to interact on an individual and group level, exchanging messages that include texts, photos, videos, stickers as well as make voice calls over the same platform.

At the moment, Facebook at Work is still in beta and the company says that already up to 300 organizations are trying it. The launch of this platform is definitely aimed at proving office workers with a familiar style of instant messaging based on what more than 700 million people are already using – Facebook Messenger.

Facebook aims at killing email usage at workplace

The attempt to kill email usage at work place is not new. Slack has been there and to be fair, it hasn’t succeeded in doing this. However, Facebook at Work has a slightly different approach to things. The company says that this platform will allow the users create separate accounts from their usual Facebook accounts. Using this account, one will be able to access Facebook tools to communicate with his or her coworkers. What you share will only be visible to your coworkers at the company.

The latest stats show that a huge percentage of today’s job seekers are on Facebook. This is basically the Millennial generation and accounts for more than 50% of the Facebook’s 1.39 billion monthly active user base. With such huge numbers, it is possible Facebook could have a good shot at doing away with emailing at work.

Slack has tried this before, but it seems nothing has materialized as people still use the email for internal communications at their work places. Facebook at Work wants to collaborate across multiple enterprises and in so doing; it will be forcing the email into a dilemma, both internally and externally.

There are other players in the industry such as IBM Verse which is basically a cloud-based business email platform that has been embedded with both social and collaborative features. Verse is deep rooted in analytics that the company behind it claim that can learn user behaviors and adapt to their way of work. However, Facebook at Work still has a good shot at this since Verse still relies on email, yet the former has nothing to do with emails.