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There is no doubt that you’ve on more than one occasion sent someone a message that you would really love to delete from their chats.

Well, if this has been happening on some of the many instant messaging platforms we have at the moment, its time you switched to Viber. However, make sure you get the latest version 5.6.5 in order to get the latest features as well.

A large number of available messaging apps do not offer the users with the ability to delete messages from the recipient’s end; instead, they only allow you to delete the message from your end. In short, this means that even if you delete the message, the recipient will still be having it in their app.

Changes in technology have seen apps such as Snapchat and Telegram come in with disappearing chats, where a message is deleted from a recipient’s device after a short while. BlackBerry Messenger has also come in with message retraction and it seems Rakuten’s Viber is now the next in line to introduce a similar feature to its platform.

In the latest Viber 5.6.5, users will now be able to delete messages from both ends, which include all users participating in the conversation, even after the message is sent. What this means is that you will no longer have to go through the agony of sending someone a wrong message as you can easily get rid of it from all synced devices without leaving behind a trace.

Other updates in Viber 5.6.5

Other than this, the new Viber 5.6.5 also brings in the ability to attach files such as presentations and documents and send them to friends. The new update also brings in the ability to easily share stuff on the platform thanks to the new “More” screen that has been introduced with this update. Tapping on this icon will let you easily share a photo, video, location, doodle, contact or even a file.

If you are a user of Apple’s iOS, there is also something for you to smile about, as Viber has also added a quick reply tool to the app and it’s available via the Notifications, iCloud access as well as Spotlight Search for easy sending of files.

If you haven’t updated your Viber for the Android or iOS app to the latest version, you need to do so via Google Play or iTunes App Store, respectively. The app is free to download and install on both platforms.

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