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Recently, the developers of WhatsApp have released a new update for the iOS devices, and the Android users were curious when they will receive a new stable version which they could download from the Google Play store. The wait is over, because WhatsApp 2.12.367 is now available for Android and the update brings many new features.

First of all, we’ll talk about rich link previews, a feature which will offer you a thumbnail of the web page URL (YouTube, tweets or random webpages), which is sent by a contact through a message. Instead of opening it with a browser, you’ll use this feature and you’ll see the title of the website, so you’ll have an idea what to expect from its content. Plus, the users can pick up useful links and open only the pages that really interest them.

Starred messages is another feature which was introduced in this update, but it’s not exclusive for Android, because it was firstly added to the iOS version a while ago. Using this feature, you can add a star to a message and return to it later to save the phone number of the sender or an address of a certain event etc. In order to Star a particular message, tap on an individual chat or chat group, long press the message and when a small pop-up bar will appear above the message, you’ll tap the Star icon. To remove the star, follow the same steps.

Once you tap the Star icon, that particular message from sender is Starred. To view Starred messages, you will need to tap on the sender name or group name and then tap on “Starred Messages”. This will show you all the Starred messages from that particular sender.

Another feature which works only on devices that have been upgraded to Android 6.0 brings support for direct share, allowing the users to quickly choose a specific chat to share content with. This feature helps you to easily reach the contacts you’re interacting more often with.