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Sometimes, you might be finding out some essential email, photo, document, web page, etc in your iPad or iPhone that you would want to take a look later as well at some other time and date. It’s been quite a time that Siri can easily generate the reminders on your device for the locations, or events that you want to remind of. With the new features in iOS on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPod, you can now get the reminders of the items or things that you were finding out.

For instance, you are going through some mail or you are reading some article that you want to put on later to look at, then you can always ask Siri to remind you of that with the latest feature and you can enable the option by:

  • Whatever you desire to be remembered, simply load it on your iOS screen such as an article, email or web page.
  • Enable the Siri from the hands free option or by pressing the Home button.
  • Now say it to the Siri that take you back to this page on this day at this time.
  • Siri will ask you again and your webpage will be saved in your reminders as an article. If you want to save an email, then it will get saved as the reminder.

We can take an example like if we are reading some article or blog and we want to read it later, and then we can always ask Siri to remind us of it sometime later. If you are reading it in the browser, then you can launch Siri and ask it to remind it to you at given day and time. It will save that page and the URL as well in the reminders.

It is quick and very feasible feature that if you are not available to watch or read something interesting at the current time, then you can make Siri remind it to you later and Siri will do that for you.

There is more than that feature available in siri related to this option. This feature is only present on the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone for now. The operating system that you need for this feature is greater than of 9.0 or simply the 9.0. So utilize this feature and make your life easier.