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A few months have passed since the iOS 9 was released by Apple. However, it is good to know that six months have passed since the mobile operating system was unveiled by Apple during the WWDC event in June 2015. With other words, there are high chances that in about six months, Apple will unveil the iOS 10 and give out some information about this operating system.

iOS 10: Release date?

It is too soon to guess when the iOS 10 will be unveiled, but, hopefully, Apple will keep the same unveil and release patterns for the upcoming iOS. Likewise in the previous years, Apple will most unveil its iOS 10 in June 2016 when it is usually hosting its Worldwide Developers Conferences event in San Francisco.

Shortly after that, the developers will be able to download the iOS 10 and start testing their applications to make sure that they will work flawlessly on the new iOS version. However, for non-developers, the wait will probably be longer and they will get their “hands” on the iOS 10 sometime in autumn 2016. But, let’s not forget that, this year, Apple has changed a bit the release pattern of the beta iOS 9 for the public and it released it in July 2015. With other words, there are high chances that we will be able to download the public BETA version of iOS 10 sometime in July 2016.

iOS 10: New Features That We Should Expect

There are rumors which say that the iOS 10 will feature a “rootless” security system, which will make the new operating system almost impossible to jailbreak. The new iOS 10 will probably introduce a new application called Home, which will allow you to control all your “smart” home devices from a single central hub.

Other rumors say that Apple is currently working on iCloud Voicemail, which will use Siri’s capabilities to talk to your callers or even transcribe voicemail messages into text. Another application that iOS 10 will probably come with is “Find My Friends”, which will detect where your friends are, if they are available for talk and the status of their devices (Silent mode, Airplane mode etc).