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A lot of cool new stuff has been introduced to WhatsApp trough beta updates in the past, but it was about time to get this new features in the Play Store version of the app. As of now, WhatsApp version 2.12.367 is available on the Play Store and it brings a few new and interesting features to the good old app. We will tell you about each of them in the following article.

Let’s start with rich link previews, this means that when someone shares a link, like Youtube videos, tweets or any other web pages, the app will parse the address quickly and give you a title and a thumbnail image to go along with the link. In this manner you will be able to see what the links you have either send or received are about, without opening them.

Starred messages is another new thing available in the new version of the app. This is really helpful when you want to save important text messages or media, like messages that need your attention, contacts or addresses, or maybe just a YouTube link that you want to watch later. In order to star a message just tap and hold until the star button shows up on top, just tap that button and you are done, to undo the process is just the same. All the stared messages are available, in chronological order, from the overflow menu, together with the contact’s name, making this feature very useful and simple to use.

And finally, we have Direct Share, which unfortunately only works on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. What this feature does is simple, it lets you choose quickly a specific chat to use when you want to share content from other apps.

Remember that all of these new features are already available on the Play Store for everyone to grab, instead of installing every beta update that developers come with.