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In September, Samsung has released the Galaxy Tab S2 in two variants of screens, but carrying the same processor and cameras. This is a mid-range tablet with a pricing tag that starts at $350 for the small model with WiFi, while the larger model costs around $500. It seems that Apple is preparing the third generation iPad Air and, according to the rumors, it will be launched in March 2016 and it will cost $619.

Dimensions and Displays

The 8-inch variant of the Tab S2 supports a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels with 320ppi and it has a thickness of 5.6mm, just like its bigger brother, which has a 9.7-inch screen that gives a lower pixel density of 264ppi. The WiFi variant of the smaller model weights 265 grams, while the larger tablet weights 389grams, but if you’ll buy the LTE variant, the smaller model will weight 272 grams and the larger tablet will be 120grams heavier.

As for the iPad Air 3, it is rumored to come with the same 9.7-inch screen as its predecessor, but instead of a 1,536×2,048pixels resolution, it will support a 4K resolution of 2,334×3,112pixels, which will result in a pixel density of 401ppi, while the aspect ratio will be 4:3.

The Samsung tablets have a plastic back with a metal frame and they’re available in three variants of colors: white, black and gold. The Air 3 will be thinner than the Tab S2, measuring 5mm and its exterior will be made of aluminum, as usual.


Both of the Tab S2 models are shipped with an Exynos 7 octa core processor clocked at 1.9GHz, which is backed by 3GB of RAM and the two memory options of 32GB and 64GB support expansion up to 128GB. The iPad Air 3 will be powered by either an A9 or A9X processor, which will be backed by a RAM unit of 2 GB or 4 GB. The internal memory will come in three variants of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, which can’t be expanded.

The smaller Samsung tablet houses a 4000 mAh battery, which delivers 27 hours of talk time on 3G, with three hours less than the 5870 mAh battery inside the 9.7-inch model. The iPad Air 3 is rumored to house a smaller battery than the Air 2, whose capacity is 7,340 mAh.


The Tab S2 has an 8MP camera on the back with autofocus, while the front shooter supports 2.1MP. The upcoming iPad Air 3 will house either a 13MP main camera with flash, or a weaker 8MP camera likewise its predecessor.