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Touchpads for Steam Controller were until now only some friendly alternatives for our fingers on the well-known mini joysticks for PlayStation and Xbox controllers. The new beta update for Steam, however, will try to make from the touchpads on Steam Controller an alternative to the mighty mouse of our PCs.

The last beta update for the Steam application from November 24, came up with a new way to use the Steam controller, which is called “Mouse Region”. This will enable the touchpad to be configured so that the mouse can access a certain region of the screen in a quicker way. The new functionality can help players of strategy games have about the same accuracy and responsiveness that when the mouse is used.

Mouse Region can “teleport” the mouse from a region to another and to make selections smaller the user only needs to hold down a button to select, for example, a particular set of units in a strategy game. The shape of selectable regions may also be changed from horizontal to vertical when you want to select a set of spell or items, from a list, in an RPG game.

Currently, the effectiveness of the new Mouse Region mechanics is still unknown. It is unlikely that this new mechanic is truly an alternative to the mighty mouse, but since the vast majority of games supported by Steam are based on mouse, it is possible that out of necessity, the new functionality to be improved noticeably over time.