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After a series of beta versions, the developers of WhatsApp have finally released a new stable version which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Version 2.12.367 is now live and contains three important new features.

A few months have passed since WhatsApp benefited from a new stable version for Android, but lately, the developers worked hard on improving the new features that have been added. The first important change in WhatsApp is the rich link preview, which will give you a thumbnail image and title of the link/tweet/webpage URL you’ll receive from your friends. If you don’t have time to open the link, you’ll still be able to know what it contains.

The second addition is starred messages, which will allow you to get back later to an important text or media file which you want to save. For example, if you find out the number of a person or the address of a friend and want to save the information, then you’ll star the message by tapping and holding on it, then tapping on the star button which is found at the top. In order to remove the save, you’ll follow the same steps. To have access to all your favorite messages, which are chronologically listed, you’ll go to the overflow menu inside the application.

Direct Share is a feature which works only with devices that are upgraded to the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. With this feature, you can quickly choose a contact (usually, the person you’ve recently talked to) to share with. It’s simpler this way to reach a favorite contact, because using the old method you’d need to choose WhatsApp, then to pick a contact name.

If you want to install the latest beta version, then you’ll download WhatsApp 2.12.366 from trusted websites like APK Mirror, the file has 23.25 MB in size and it contains bug fixes and other improvements.