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Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 10 OS, but it seems that it also contains an annoying bug. This bug was allowing Windows 10 to delete applications without your knowledge.

The fact that Windows 10 can automatically remove applications should not surprise anyone, as Microsoft confirmed in the past that Windows 10 will bring unique features, especially when it comes to deleting illegal games and applications.

According to reports, the November update will also delete applications that caused the system to crash. Many people have already reported this issue on Microsoft’s forums, saying that some applications such as monitor tools like Speccy or CPU-Z have been removed from their systems.

The Windows 10 November update (release 1511) comes with a few other bugs that may have convinced Microsoft to pull the update out quietly. According to reports, there are computers that instantly wake up while in sleep mode, excessive CPU usage by the Mail application, the lock screen failing to hide the full desktop and more.

According to Ars Technica, Microsoft has pulled out the Windows 10 1511 update, as there are more and more reports about bugs. With other words, you will not be able to get the Windows 10 Update 1511 anymore using the Windows 10 Upgrade tool.

However, if you already updated your computer to Windows 10 update 1511, you can “downgrade” it to the build that was released back in July 2015 using the Media Creation Tool (also known as MCT).

Microsoft will probably release a new Windows 10 update in December that will fix all the issues caused by the 1511 update.

Has your computer received the Windows 10 November update? Will you use the MCT tool to “downgrade” the Windows 10 back to the July 2015 update?