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Mojang is about to release a major update for the Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. This new update comes with redstones, new doors and many other features, but, first of all, let’s talk about redstones and how important are they in this game.

Redstones come with mysterious power in Minecraft, which work like electricity in real life. Using the redstones, you will be able to create intricate devices including automated doors, powered roller coasters, TNT and more.

Redstone items that are included in this update are: Redstone wire, levers, lamps, buttons, tripwires, torches, trapped chests, detector rails and pressure plates. We also remind you that Minecraft for Windows 10 will soon be able to support virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift and HoloLens.

Aside from redstones, the new Minecraft update also brings some “evil” bunnies. These bunnies come with smarter AI, and they will eat the player’s crops when they are hungry. With other words, the more bunnies there are, the more crops will start missing. The Biome Settler Pack costs 1.99 dollars and comes with new settlers and skins which the Minecraft players can use them for their characters.

Unfortunately, this new update also removes the Herobrine, a well known hostile mob in Minecraft, and the stonecutter, an interactive block used to craft stone-related blocks. However, the update also comes with some tweaks that will allow you to handle boats easier and faster. You will notice that the Slimes, Skeletons and Ghatsts will run away from Wolves. The block lag was also significantly reduced and the game feels more responsive.

This update is also fixing a few bugs that were spotted in the previous version of Minecraft. The items that you held will look better in first person mode and mobs will no longer “suffocate” in carpets.