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Microsoft Surface Pro is has reached its 4th generation, and it’s gorgeous. While some like to call it a tablet, others are calling it a laptop, the truth is somewhere in between, the new device from Microsoft is a hybrid of both. A hybrid that at this moment is setting the standards in its category. Great as laptop or tablet, or as some like to call it – a laplet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the best in every aspect. And here is why.

The Surface Pro 4 has similar looks wit its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, and an all magnesium unibody casing. It’s external configuration includes some features like the MicroSD card slot, mini DisplayPort, power socket, USB 3 slot and docking.

Some of the aesthetic details remain the same, but, compared with the Surface Pro 3, the Surface Pro 4 has a slightly bigger display, 12.3” up from 12” and is said to be the thinnest device in its category with a thickness of 8.4 mm and a weight of 786 grams.

The screen is a lot better than the previous version of the device with much brighter colors and enhanced color accuracy. It comes with 2160×1440 to 2736×1824 pixels per inch, adding to that the fact that Surface Pro 4 offers a pen that has 1024 levels of pressure (4 times more than the Pro 3) and it even has an eraser on top, we can safely say those who love to develop their creativity with this device will have a great and entertaining experience.

Considering all of the above, the device is a success both as tablet or laptop, or if you prefer to call it a laplet, is entirely up to you.