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Note taking programs are gaining relevance in everyday life.

However, Google’s Keep seems to be lagging behind when it comes to this area, especially when compared to Microsoft Onenote and Evernote.

Nonetheless, this tool has some hidden features that make the Google Keep note taking tool a very powerful productivity arsenal for you, especially if you are a huge fan of the entire Google ecosystem.

Google is known for its lean, fast and easy to use applications; aspects that you won’t miss on Keep. Like the rest of them, this application syncs across devices and if you happen to be an avid user of Android and are after a go-to note taking tool, here are some reasons for you to download and install the latest version of Google Keep.

Easy conversion of unformatted notes to checklists

If you are familiar with the Evernote environment, you should be aware of to-do lists. If not, you probably have created one in your notebook somewhere. Google Keep is now capable of offering this service of easily turning any unformatted note into a to-do list or rather a checklist.

Simply open a note and follow it by tapping on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the open window. Select “Show checkboxes” and Google Keep will automatically add a checkbox at the beginning of all line items. Follow the same procedure to get rid of them, but this time select “Hide checkboxes”. Alternatively, selecting “Show checkboxes” at the beginning of a new note will automatically trigger Keep to add checkboxes as you add tasks.

Convert Keep notes to Google Docs

It is possible to convert Google Keep notes into Google Docs . On your Android device, go on and find the note you want to convert and tap on the “More” icon. Follow this by tapping on the “Copy to Google Doc” option and that’s it. You can also do so for multiple notes by pressing and holding on one note until it turns dark and then select the others. The rest of the procedure remains the same and when everything is set, you will receive a notification to open your notes in Google Docs.

Create a “Note to self”

This is a great tool for those who are kind of forgetful or simply like taking down small pieces of notes. You don’t have to waste an idea when it strikes, you can now leverage the power of Google Keep to capture it thanks to Google Now.

Activate the voice tool by simply saying “OK Google – note to self” and then say whatever you want Keep to note down. When you try using this tool for the first time, Google Now will need to know the app you prefer to use to complete the action. Select Google Keep and your dictated note will be saved here.

Capture and convert images into text

Google Keep brings to you the ability to capture and convert images into text, which makes adding items such as receipts and business cards to notes a lot easier.

To do this, open a note with an image and tap on the three dots to reveal a menu. Select “Grab image text” and Google Keep will go on and read the text in the image and saves it. Well, this is not a unique feature in note-taking apps; rather, what makes Keep’s unique is how accurate it can be when reproducing scanned text.

Location and time-based reminders

If Google Keep is your chosen platform for creating to-do lists, then it is imperative that you take advantage of its reminder abilities in order to make the most out of the service. There are two types of reminders on offer here – location-based and time-based.

Location-based reminders, as you’d expect, will use your phone’s GPS settings to remind you that you are in the desired location of executing your note. To do this, tap on the reminder icon at the bottom of your note and select “Pick place”. Enter your desired location in the provided search field and pick the most appropriate one from the search results. Finish this by tapping on “Save”.

Time-based reminders, as the name suggests, will schedule your note with respect to a certain time of the day. This feature can be accessed by tapping on the reminder icon located at the bottom of the note. In the new window, select “Pick date and time” and then follow it by entering your preferred date and time for the reminder to be triggered.