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Fallout 4 has finally been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC and it seems that it’s way better than its predecessor. First of all, the developers have changed some key aspects of the game design, and, hopefully, Rockstar will take the same risks as Bethesda did.

When the trailers and clips with the Fallout 4 hit the internet, many Fallout fans noticed that this upcoming game will come with pretty big changes. First of all, our character finally has a voice, a feature that was not present in other Bethesda games such as Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In addition, Bethesda also allows you to “customize” all the settlements that you take control of. For example, if you want a new house, you can build one or if you want to remove a tree, car, piece of rubble, you can do that also.

This clearly demonstrates that using the tools that are available nowadays, Rockstar can create a GTA 6 that could have some unique features. And let’s not forget that this title will most likely not be released until 2019-2020, which means that there will be more new tools and features that the developers could use to make GTA 6 way better than the GTA 5.

There are rumors which say that in the GTA 6 game, you will be able to travel to different states and cities. If the developers will manage to bring this feature and connect all the cities from the previous GTA titles, we’re sure that the fans will be very happy. We’re sure that Rockstar already have some awesome features in mind for the upcoming GTA 6, but a good move will be to ask the fans about what they would like to see in the upcoming title.

What other features do you think that Rockstar could bring to GTA 6?