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For all the Apple users, the new software version has been updated and now the iOS 9 is available in the public beta version. The changes in this version are visible and better than the last version. The changes in Siri, search, maps, etc are very helpful, but not to forget that there are many loopholes in the version too.

  1. Related questions by Siri

The major improvement that Apple has brought to you is that it gets you continuing interrogating mode instead of restarting the session again. This improvement has added Siri to the Google and Cortana’s line.

  1. Rename your notes

You can name your notes as per you want and add photos, doodles, maps, etc in it. This makes the working easier on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Get your news

The new version offers you the entire related news search at one place and from all the credible new agencies. Whatever you want to read, this app will find that as per your need.

  1. Switch any app!

With the card style app switching has got you the easy way to open your apps. The people that you have recently messaged or called will appear in search option instead of in the multitasking slides.

  1. Searching option

Swipe to the right and you will get the whole Search screen in front of you. You can personalize it as per your choice too. This is somehow Google like experience, which makes it very relevant for the users.

  1. Improved map search

The browsing abilities of the map have improved a lot and you get to search your desired places in a better way. You can check out the places just by writing their names and the rapid search gets you the places nearby within no time.

  1. Notification

The notifications will appear in the most recent order rather than showing up in the category wise. So that you will not miss them that is fresh.

  1. Selfie

When everyone has that selfie craze, then how come the iPhone will stay on back. You get all the selfies at one place and get to see them instantly rather than finding here and there.

  1. Easy navigations

When you click on the new notification or an app, then you will get back to the previous app by clicking on that small option on the top left. That will help you in going back to the app instantly.

  1. Smart searching

You can not only search the whole informational content, but can instantly use the conversions with your smart search area of your phone without going to the Google.

  1. Setting search:

The search within the settings tab is way easier too. You do not have to go and search in depth of all the options, one by one. Just write it on the top search tab and get in to the tweak of app that you want to look into.

  1. Public search

You can get access to all the public transportation via map searching option. To the ferries, buses, subways, you will get to know the direction in every way. In start, the map has transportation views of Philadelphia, DC, Washington, and Chicago, only, which will expand later.