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A new major update for Clash of Clans is about to be released soon and it will bring many new features such as the Town Hall level 11.

First of all, you should know that this update will not allow you to get a “free” shield after your Town Hall is destroyed. Many players have “abused” this feature in the past by placing their Town Hall outside of the village. This way, when someone who was “grinding” for trophies, would attack only the Town Hall and just leave the rest of the village untouched. Once the Town Hall was destroyed, a free shield for that village was activated for the next 12 hours, assuring the village owner that all the resources as safe for that time.

However, when the Town Hall 11 update will be released for Clash of Clans, the shield will exist in 12, 14 and 16-hour tiers as follows:

– 12 hours shield when your village is 30% destroyed
– 14 hours shield when your village is 60% destroyed
– 16 hours shield when your village is 90% destroyed.
HINT: the defender will *NOT* get a free shield if the attacker doesn’t sends at least 50% of his army.

We remind you that if you attack another village while your village has the free shield activated, you will lose it. However, the new update will reduce the remaining time of the free shield by 3 hours for the first attack, and +1 hour for any subsequent attack (4 hours for the second attack, 5 hours for the third attack and so on).

Shields are used when players need to take a break from the game, ensuring that their village is not attacked during that period of time. However, the Village Guard feature will allow you to take a break from the game without having to worry that you will be attacked for a period of time. Depending on the league you are in, you will get a Village Guard for 15minutes up to 3 hours. If your village is currently protected by the “Free Shield”, the Village Guard will be activated once the “Free Shield” time expires.

The players will also be able to buy extra “Village Guard” time with gems. It is good to know that while your village has the “Village Guard” activated, you will be able to attack other villages without getting any penalty.

As we’ve also told you in the previous articles, the new major update will feature a new hero, a new defensive building and more.