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Racing is the thrilling experience and we all love to do it in real and on graphics. Although, it is not that safe while doing in reality, but with the racing games, everything has become very much possible. You can speed as much as you want and play it on the finest graphics that enhances your experience of racing. Playing it on the big screen and amazing interaction enhances the gaming experience. Same as that, the iPhone 6 plus is the one that will make you get the real feel of thrill, excitement, and joy.

Some of the most downloaded and famous games for the iPhone 6 plus are:

  1. GT Racing 2

You get to drive 71 modified and advanced cars on the 13 tracks. In the real time driving area, you get to drive on broad fields. The different gaming modes are Knockouts, Overtakes, and Duel. On many events present as the classic race mode, you get various chances of playing in different environments. Not only that you can play yourself, but you can share the game with your friends via screenshot option too. You get to show the catchy graphics and enjoy the weather too.

  1. SBK 14

The official game of the Superbike World Championship enables you to play the games in brilliant racing tracks and on ferocious rockets. You can become whatever you want such as Fabien Foret, Tom Sykes, and Imre Toth on the racing tracks. You get to play the game with the joysticks and slanting controlled modes. The whole game contains nine controlling methods. The types of racings are challenge mode, championship, and quick race. As you unlock the Premium mode, you will get more content in terms of more tracks and so many more.

  1. Fast & Furious: Legacy

Developed on the storyline of the most demanding car racing movie, Fast & Furious, this Fast & Furious: Legacy game will give every feeling that you see in your favorite shots. You get to experience the mixing drag, lane controlling, drifting, chasing, building cars and much more that you were only watching in the movies so far. Many known faces from the movie can be seen in the game too. There are more than 50 cars that you can customize in this game with so many of the distinctive racing modes.

  1. Reckless racing 3

The game has many different modes and you can enjoy racing on 36 routes. Isn’t that thrilling? Not only that you can drive cars in it, but you can drive trucks and buggies along with 28 vehicles more. Just get into the game and enjoy drifting, driving, and cutting the opponent with your expert skills. The game is available for $2.99 only.

  1. Riptide GP2

You can not only play the single player mode, but you can actually enjoy the online playing mode too. If you play well on the waves, then you will get a chance to unlock the 25 stunts that you can demonstrate to the public. There are 30 races in the career zone, and many gaming modes in this single game.