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Along with the other features on your smartphones or on the tablets, the Find My Phone feature is the most important one. This option is on the Android as Device Manager and on iOS as Find My Phone plus it is present on the Windows as well. Stealing and losing your smartphone or tablet is the common thing that users usually face. Their designs and bodies have become so slim and light that they can be miss place any time or anywhere. In 2011, Apple made the option of Find My Mac on its OS X which initiated with the OS X 10.7.2 Lion.

In Windows 10, the Microsoft has added the same option by the Microsoft. In Windows 10, the feature of Find My Device has been added, which was announced in November. With these simple steps, you can get the feature work on your device.

  • At First, you have to get into the Settings tab of Windows 10.
  • In that Settings tab, go to Update & Security option.
  • At the Sub Setting panel, you will see the option of Find My Device at the left side.
  • You will see that the Find My Device option is off and you can Change the option by clicking on it. At the feature, you will also see that the location option is present, you need to turn it onn as well.
  • As you enable the last option, the device will save the last location as soon as it is connected from the Wi-Fi. By going to the URL of
  • On this page, with the Microsoft credentials, you can set the device by installing its details.
  • On that page, when you will set all the devices in that Microsoft account and configure them. You will find the location, date, and time of the last seen. When you click on the Find My Device, you will see the location and last status too.

Thing to consider here is that you need to get upgraded to the latest Windows version of 10. It is an essential feature and the up gradation is for free too.