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Facebook Messengerwas moved from Facebook and made a standalone app.

This app seems to be lacking a logout button like the original Facebook app.

This annoys a lot since once you are in, you got to stay there. Apparently, signing in to Facebook Messenger is quite simple. People can sign up for an account even without having Facebook accounts. On the welcome screen, simply tap on the “Not on Facebook?” option. You will then be required to enter your name, your phone number and maybe add a picture if you so wish.

It is so simple to get on the move, but still it is advisable to use this service with a Facebook account since it permits cross-device contact and immediate access to your Facebook friends and messages. Otherwise, having a Messenger account only turns the app to be more like WhatsApp regarding functionality.

 Logging out trick

For this to work,you first have to close the application if it is open and remove it from your current apps list. On the device menu, go to ‘Settings>Apps>Messenger>Clear data’. That’sit!You will be logged out from Facebook Messenger.

You might desire again to log in to the app. Well, go back to the app drawer and tap on Messenger. You will realize that you won’t be logged in automatically. You will instead see your profile name;simply tap on it to start the app without having to sign in. In instances where you want to log out from Messenger such that your name doesn’t even display on the sign in page, then you will be required to sign out from your Facebook account as well. This is so because Messenger is now integratedcompletely into Facebook.

In case there is another person who wants to access his or her Facebook account using your device, then the person is required to tap ‘Switch Account’ to sign into his or her account.

A long way, is it?

Though long and annoying, the only simple method can be usedfor now. Rather still, you can download the older version that has theinbuiltlogout feature to facilitate the signing out.But with Facebook’s frequentroll-outs, we might soon encounter the logout button option in the Facebook Messenger app alongside other new features.