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The rising demand of flip phones across the Asian markets has made Samsung turn heads as well as created headlines. Images of their newest device, the Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 dual display Android flip phone, were giving clues to a fresher and more inventive iteration of Samsung’s flip phone series. It is rumored that this phone may be released in China and India soon.

Samsung is not unfamiliar with clamshell, dual display format phones. The company has released a number of this types in the past, and it is worth mentioning the Samsung Galaxy Golden 2, back in 2013. The model was only available to Asian markets and has a steeply price of $784. Same as its predecessor, the Galaxy Golden 3 is likely to see the light of day in China. Several images of the newest 2015 Samsung flip phone model emerged through China’s certification board TENAA.

The Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 specs and price make the phone a high-end device. It has 1280×720 pixels resolution on each screen, two 3.9-inch super AMOLED displays, 64-bit Exynos chipset, 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The device also has Android 5.1 Lollipop and can support 4G, the clamshell phone has a rear shell design similar to the Samsung Note 5 and Samsung S6, but unlike these devices which are available worldwide, the Galaxy Golden 3 may not be available to some countries, including Europe, Australia and United States.

In Japan, the demand for flip phones is skyrocketing as it reaches up to 10.6 million units shipped last year, and it is still continuously growing even as time passes by.

Whether or not Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 will be released in India is still under speculation, however China will launch it most likely.