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Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled the iOS and Android versions of the Outlook app meant to help users easily manage their emails as well as calendars.

The Windows OS maker is pretty much determined to provide the users with more productivity tools on all platforms and it seems things are going in the right direction, especially when it comes to Outlook.

On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed that there are already over 30 million people who are using Outlook on Android and iOS devices on a monthly basis. When it is considered that this application is actually a heavy-duty productivity app, this is huge traction.

These two applications will soon be getting updates from Microsoft thanks to the help the team is getting from Sunrise, which was acquired by Microsoft and added to the Outlook family. Android and iOS users will receive visual updates on the latest version, which will essentially spell some subtle differences when compared to the previous versions’ design.

Updated Outlook for iOS

On the iOS version, users will now see a new inbox layout with colorful icons as well as other attachment and flag icons located towards the right-hand side of emails. The new additions are basically late on these platforms as users of Windows devices are already enjoying them. However, it is good news as the app will now be at par with the Windows version.

The Outlook team collaborated with the team behind Sunrise to give a facelift to the calendar app, coming in with some fit and finish changes such as displaying the date of the day in the calendar icon as well as better display of multiple events simultaneously.

Updated Outlook for Android

For the Android team, you will notice that the newly introduced material design concept blends in perfectly with this new update. In addition, Outlook for Android also comes in with some other tweaks such as an inbox that displays contact images in emails as long as the user has included the image of this contact in his/her address book.

iOS users can get the new Outlook version right away from the official iTunes App Store; however, those on Android devices will have to wait for a few weeks before getting the new app.

One thing you should be aware of is that the Sunrise Calendar team behind the design changes in Outlook will at some point start working on more than just design aspects of this application. According to the corporate VP of Microsoft Outlook Javier Soltero, the objective of acquiring Sunrise is to bring all of its features to Outlook and in the end replace the entire Sunrise app with a revamped Outlook app.