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The Moto G 2015 doesn’t have a large battery and it can’t be removed, but in many tests, it proved that it can last longer than many new famous flagships, but if you can extend the battery life, you shouldn’t hesitate to do it. We will give you a few tips which will extend the battery life of your Moto G.

Lower The Brightness

When you’re outdoors and it’s very sunny, it’s normal to make the screen brighter, because otherwise, you can’t read anything. But when you go inside your house and the room is darker, you should turn the display brightness down a little bit, so that the battery could last longer. Also, you should reduce how long the screen is on, because if you have installed some applications and they are continuously sending you notifications, the battery will die fast.

Turn Off Some Features

If you’re using one or two features, they don’t put too much pressure on the battery, but if you’re running multiple features at the same time, they will kill the battery. We’re talking about features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, which should be turned off when you’re not using them.

Disconnect Your Applications

There are some applications which run in the background and they’re demanding data, which means that they’re using a lot of power. We recommend you to use the battery Saver mode, which automatically disconnects background refreshing applications when the battery is at 25 percent left. In order to enable the Battery Saver go to Settings > Battery Settings.

Disable Auto-uploads

There are many applications which are automatically uploading things to the internet, such as storing photos on the cloud or syncing files between different devices and creating backups which will save you in case you lose your phone. If you don’t want these applications to consume your battery and mobile data, then it’s better to disable them.

Google Play Services Could Be The Reason For The Decrease Of Your Battery Life

Google Play Services delivers ad-based apps, Gmail to mail apps etc., but when this service is starting to drain the battery of your phone, then something is wrong and you should make investigations by going to Settings > Battery. If Google Play Services is hungrier than other applications, then it’s probably because you’re using multiple accounts and the service is doing the same thing for each account, by making multiple connections. Also, if there is a third party application which has a bug, it can prevent the Play Services to not work properly.