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Only three weeks have passed sing the Google Play Services version 8.3 has been released. It seems that the developers are preparing a new Google Play Services version that will bring some features such as app invites, family groups and more tweaks.

The latest Google Play Services version is 8.4 and it will be available for download soon. The new version of Google Play Services will allow you to share your applications along with other purchases with family members. There are more details about how this new features will work and we’re going to tell you about them below.

First of all, the family group creator will need to be at least 18 years old and can only tag only one person to be the family manager. It seems that there will be a limit on those who can be in a family, but there is no official information about that yet. In addition, this will only work with personal Google accounts, so if you are using Google for Education or Google for Work, you’re out of luck.

It seems that some type of app invite feature will be added and it will be a part of the Nearby API. Currently, you can share an application via Android’s sharing tool or SMS, but this new feature will allow for an over-the-air handover, which is similar to the Apple’s Airdrop.

The developers from Google has also added some icons that will make the Smart Look screen easier to navigate along with an option for the 720p video out with Android Auto. The Google Play Services 8.4 update should come on your Android device soon via OTA update, but you can also manually download the APK file from the internet and install it.

What are your thought about the latest Google Play Services version? Will you use any of the new features that it comes with?