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Many enthusiasts of Google products have been looking forward to the day this search engine giant will combine Android and Chrome operating systems into one universal OS.

It seems this dream will be coming true as early as next year despite the fact that the company had earlier chosen to keep everything regarding this matter in its safe.

There is a change of mind as The Wall Street Journal reveals that Alphabet’s Google will be merging their two operating systems into one, something that has been going on for the past two or so years. Even though the general usage of this combined effort will come to the public somewhere in 2017, there are high chances that an earlier version might come in as early as next year.

Stiffer competition for PC makers

As reported by the WSJ, the new version of Android OS will be capable of operating on desktops and laptops; however, it is still unclear whether the company is talking about rebranded versions of the current Chromebook or the traditional Windows and Mac PCs.

The probable happening is the introduction of an OS that can work on Windows and Mac PCs thanks to the fact that the current Chrome browser already boasts a huge part of the functionality of Chromebook’s Chrome OS. Google has made clear its intentions of expanding the Play Store to cover as many devices as possible and as such, it would make complete sense to have an OS that is capable of running on the current PCs, with Chromebooks taking another direction, probably rebranding to a yet to be determined name.

Back in 2013 when Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google, took over the leadership of both Chrome OS and Android, there was a lot of speculation that things will change and see the two operating systems merge into one. He was very quick to rubbish these rumors and suggested that the two will remain separate. However, he also pointed out that the end will be determined by the change in computing technology, which is perhaps the driving force to this current change.

While we might be expecting to see this combination of Android and Chrome sometime next year, there is no certainty as far as the release date is concerned. However, it is essential that you keep an eye on the next Google I/O conference as the company might use this event to showcase some of its latest developments, which includes the result of the merger between their two operating systems.