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Clash of Clans is a strategy mobile game created by Supercell. It has become popular quite fast and now it is one of the most played strategy games on mobile devices. Today we’re going to reveal a few tips and tricks that will help you to maximize your resources.

Resources That You Can Lose When Your Village is Attacked

There is not a fixed amount of resources that you can lose when someone attacks you. With other words, the more resources you have, the more resources you might lose when you’re being attacked, in concordance with Clash of Clans Wikia, this is how much available resources someone can get while attacking a village:

– Level 1-5: 20%
– Level 6: 18%
– Level 7: 16%
– Level 8: 14%
– Level 9: 12%
– Level 10: 10%.

At the same time, from these available resources, if the Town Hall of your attacker is higher than your Town Hall, (s)he will get a smaller percent of the available loot, as follows:

– Same level or lower than your Town Hall: 100% from the available resources;
– One level higher than your Town Hall: 90% from the available resources;
– Two levels higher than your Town Hall: 50% from the available resources;
– Three levels higher than your Town Hall: 25% from the available resources;
– Four levels higher than your Town Hall: 5% from the available resources.

Don’t Rush On Upgrading Your Town Hall

There are a lot of players who rush to upgrade their Town Halls. This is surely a mistake, because almost anyone who will attack you will be able get all the available resources. We’ve explained you above how this works and if you pay attention to that tip, you will understand why leveling up your Town Hall is so bad.

Also, by upgrading the Town Hall without upgrading the other buildings, you will notice that it will be very hard to defend your village. At the same time, when you will start raiding, your village will be too advanced and you will most likely attack some players that have a lower Town Hall than you, and you will get a significant lower amount of resources (we’ve explained above about this).

Filling Your Barracks With Wall Breakers

You can “deposit” your elixir by filling Army Camps with any type of troops and, after that, fill your Barracks structures with expensive troops. These troops will not start training because the army camps will be full, this way, you will be able to “hide” your elixir that you’ve paid for the extra troops that are not training. However, once you want to recover the elixirs, you will just need to cancel the training of those troops and you will receive the elixir back.

Placing Your Town Hall Outside Of the Village

There are a lot of players who attack just to gain trophies in order to get in a higher league. With other words, they don’t care about your resources and if they will notice that you have a Tow Hall that’s not protected, they will just send a few troops to kill it fast and just leave your village almost untouched.