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Apple Music streaming service is now available on the Android platform.

Do you know what this means? Well, if you don’t, here is a highlight: first you will now be able to access the more than 30 million songs’ collection, tune in to live radio as well as stream all the music that you have bought from iTunes onto your Android smartphone.

This is the third Apple-based app that has hit the Google Play Store after the likes of Move to iOS (an app that helps users migrate from Android to iOS together with their photos, messages and contacts) and Beats Pill+ (an app that lets users manage a cable-free Beats Pill speaker). On the contrary, Google has had lots of apps developed for the iOS platform.

At first glance, it is easy to think that these two apps are similar. However, a further exploration of the Apple Music for Android app will prove otherwise. There are quite a number of differences that make the experiences of using the app on iOS and Android very distinct. On the same note, here is what you should know about this application.

Using it needs an Apple ID

Have you ever used an Apple product or simply bought something from iTunes? If yes, then you can start using the Apple Music app on your Android device straight away. This is so because you already have an Apple ID, which is a must if you want to use this Apple streaming service on your Android phone.

If your answer to the above question is no, then you’ll have to sign up for an Apple ID from within the downloaded app or simply through iTunes or

Apple Music for Android is fully-featured

The Android version of Apple Music is no different from what you get with the iOS version. Whether it is musical recommendations, radio or personalized playlists, you will find every feature that is available on the iOS platform when you install the app on an Android device.

The app allows the users to download playlists, songs as well as full albums for listening when off-net. Using the Connect tab, you can easily know what your favorite artists are sharing, be it songs, photos or any other updates.

You can listen to online radio thanks to the availability of Apple’s private radio station known as Beats One. During signing up, Apple will want to know your type of music and in so doing; it will start suggesting songs for you, just like it does on the iOS platform. However, there is no support for music videos, but Cupertino promised to avail them very soon.

No family plan available for Android users yet

The current offering on Apple Music for Android involves an individual monthly plan, where the users must part with a fee of $9.99 per month. The good side of the story is that just like iPhone users, Android users will also be getting a 3-month trial period for free; however, continued usage will require you to pay, unless you cancel the trial period.

If you need to get a family plan, there is no choice, but to do so using an Apple device. Here, you can share the same subscription with up to 5 other people for a fee of $14.99 per month.

Apple Music for Android is still in beta

When Apple rolled out its streaming service to the Android users, it came in with a beta label. In short, this means that the app is yet to be finalized and as such, there are still errors and bugs that need fixing. If you encounter any sluggishness in the app’s performance, don’t fret as this is the norm with beta versions.

If your phone is running on Android 4.3 or newer, you are a lucky one, however, it is expected that support for older versions will come with the stable version. Furthermore, there is somehow bad news for the Android tablet users as the app appears not to be working on these devices.

Apple has provided an option for users to leave beta feedback via the menu. Through a web survey, you can let Cupertino know about the major problems affecting the app.

Apple Music for Android cannot be used as a media player on your phone

If you thought Apple had solved your problems when it comes to playing media stored on your phone, you are dead wrong! The new Apple Music app does not work like a media player.

So, why mention this? Well, it is because unlike the iPhone users who depend on iTunes for listening to music, the Android users have largely depended on storing files on their devices and then using these devices as MP3 players.

With Google Play Music, it is possible to listen to locally stored music files as well as stream other files from the web. Under the My Music tab, you will only come across the songs you have already purchased on iTunes.

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