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If you own a computer, then you’ve probably installed Adobe’s Flash Player, a software required to view multimedia, to execute rich Internet applications and to streaming video and audio files embedded into websites. However, Flash Player can be installed on Android devices and in this article we’ll teach you how to do that.

When Adobe released version 11.1, it stopped support for Android, forcing the users to install third party applications in order to view flash content integrated into websites. Beware of those websites offering you an APK package which will install Flash on your phone, because in most of the cases, they will install malware software. Instead of compromising the security of your device, install one of the applications we’ll tell you about, and use Flash with it.


This is an old and popular method to use Flash Player on a device running on Android, but it’s not a flawless solution. The problem is that when Adobe released version 11.1 of Flash Player and the support for Android has ended, the users had no other option but to install older versions which still work with FlashFox. This application has a downside – the ad banner which is very distracting, but overall, the software works pretty well.

Dolphin Browser

To make Flash work with the Dolphin Browser, you will need to tap on the dolphin icon and to Settings, then tap Web Content and when the next page appears, it will show the Flash Player, which must be set to be Always on. Now, you will need to access a website with Flash content. It will ask you to install Flash Player and you will tap on Download. Before installing the file, you will need to enable the Unknown sources option by going to Settings > Security and checking the box in front of it. The downside of Dolphin is that it won’t work with too many websites. Though, if you want to obtain a better performance, it’s indicated to combine it with Dolphin Jetpack.

Puffin Browser

This is a more reliable solution, because it’s updated more often and it supports the Flash version, plus it will give you the feeling that you’re browsing on your computer, emulating a mouse and arrow keys in an overlay. Another thing the Puffin Browser is doing – renders Flash content in the cloud.