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At the beginning of the year there were plenty of rumors about an early release for Apple’s iPhone 7, but as the time passes there is no evidence to support that. By now we can safely assume that Apple’s launch pattern will apply to the new iPhone 7 and expect to see the new phone in late 2016.

In the past, the company has accustomed us with releasing news about the key features of the phone prior to it’s launch, but to this day Apple hasn’t said a word about how the new device will look like and what the key features will be. On the other hand there are plenty of news and rumors about the phone, some based on simple assumptions, while others are said to rely on official sources in close connection with the company.

In this article we will approach another point of view, what new features users would like to see in Apple’s new phone, currently presumed, the iPhone 7.

Better battery life. With a current battery life of about 12 hours, Apple’s devices can be a bit of a headache at times. Many Android devices already enjoy battery life of well over 24 hours due to new technology in battery design and capacity. Apple could take advantage of the same technology and build a device that doesn’t need charging twice a day.

Wireless charging. In the past, Apple, has filed a series of patterns on wireless charging. This just may be the key feature of the new device. But we are not talking about the charging via a conduction pad, but about the real thing, charging the phone while in a certain range of the wi-fi charging device.

Sapphire Display. First the iSight camera cover and shortly after the iWatch display were made of sapphire. Those who know that the sapphire is the second most scratch resistant material, after diamond have expressed their desire to see a display for the new device made out of sapphire, but we can only hope for.

Increased memory for base model. 32 GB of storage space and 3Gb+ of RAM doesn’t sound that much, if you are an Android user that is. But when it comes to Apple it is well know that they can be a little penurious about the memory of their devices. 32 GB capacity for base models is not that much, considering that so far none of the Apple mobile devices can accommodate a microSD card.

Waterproofing. Lately, more and more Android manufacturers are waterproofing their devices. Not the scuba diving kind of waterproofing, but enough to safely talk on your phone while is raining or to resist to a splash of water by the pool. It would be really nice if Apple would do the same, really, who wants to have his $500 phone ruined by one drop of water.

Optical zoom. Sure, sounds good, but on thinner and thinner devices is really hard to find the space for a camera with optical zoom, but it has been done. This could be something great to have on the new iPhone considering that at this moment most devices only have digital zoom.

Judging by the feature mentioned above it has come to our attention that Apple users, at this moment, only want their new iPhone to catch up with current Android device in terms of performance and hardware. But, wouldn’t it be nice if Apple came up with something new, innovative, like they used to do?