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We’ve had Adobe’s Flash Player in our lives in the past 19 years, but things started going badly for this software because it has many vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers and there are many examples of cases where hackers linked to the Russian government have spied and stole information from other government and military systems. During this time, we’ve witnessed the rise of HTML 5, which has been chosen by many websites to play videos by default.

Many people have complained on forums that Adobe is not as competent as before and some YouTube insiders admitted that the company had in mind to use the Flash Player for a long time, but because of the big problems with the software, the video giant preferred to pick HTML 5 as the default player engine. However, YouTube started supporting HTML five years ago, but now, HTML 5 has been adopted and there are some complaints against it from the users who reported that it’s not functioning quite well.

HTML 5 proved that it has a good performance on web browsers such as Chrome, IE 11, Firefox and Opera, and the previous problems caused by the Adobe flash player have been solved. Now, YouTube runs great will all browsers, including Apple’s Safari.

The users no longer worry about issues related to security, because gone are the days when they were afraid that the hackers will steal their data by taking advantage of Flash player’s flaws. The encryption is much more efficient and the YouTube can run faster than when it used Adobe’s Flash Player, and that’s because YouTube uses a VP9 Video Codec which is able to accelerate video playing performance by up to 15 or 80 percent.

Also, that’s to HTML 5’s implementation, the amount of data has been decreased to 35 percent and this is awesome, especially because soon we’ll view many 4K videos. We’re pretty sure that the VP9 codec will be used globally soon enough, although it’s only 2 years old.