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This is the time of the year when deals and discounts have no limit and you shop like never ending. Just like other companies, Microsoft has been on the edge to provide the finest offers to its consumers and get the light of the festivals brightens more. The decrease in the Xbox goody prices has stirred the crazy audience already and everyone is looking forward to that only at the Black Friday. Not only that, the software supremo has also offered additional promotions over discounted prices on the occasion of Thanksgiving weekend. These offers are for the PC users exclusively.

The offers with kicked off from the Friday will be continue overall for the upcoming 10 days and the consumers will get the apps, albums, movies, games and so much more for the least rates that none of the other tech house is offering. The Microsoft has released a very attractive line for that Black Friday and Thanksgiving event, that is “10 days of 10 cent deals”, this certainly sounds interesting and promising for everyone who wishes to get their desired stuff on discounted rates.

The Microsoft has said it itself too, that “Have a great holiday with thousands of the super hit Hollywood movies, lots of catchy apps, enthusiastic games, top charts songs and much more that you will get for 10 cents only! Spend your holidays with this unlimited amount of entertainment at the app store and get ready to be greeted by some great surprises from the Microsoft team as well.”

You will notice that when you are visiting the Microsoft app store, then there is nothing available for the fixed time period. You have to make the purchases if you really want to buy any app or movies, etc instead of waiting and coming back tomorrow. The offers are coming every minute and if you have left it this time, then they might not be available after a very next moment.

These deals are only available to the United States’ Windows 10 users till 29th of the November, Sunday.  Along with all of this stuff available in the store, if Microsoft chooses to add some more apps or software for the high grade collection on discount, then users would appreciate that. If Microsoft takes a dare to do that, then that will be greatly applauded and if not, then users might not find it much happening. But again, as the holiday season is on, we will get to know about its success as the time passes by.