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WhatsApp is known for being infamous as far as rolling out Android updates is concerned.

The company averages 2 updates per week, however, the version you find on the app’s website and the one available for download via the Google Play Store is not the same.

As of now, it is common knowledge that WhatsApp first rolls out updates to the website version before bringing the same updates to the Play Store version. In short, if you are one of those people who always want to be ahead of your friends, the only option is to download the APK version via the website or trusted third party sites like APKMirror. With this APK version, you will be sure of access to the latest features before other users get them via the Play Store.

If you are using v2.12.317 that is downloadable from the Play Store, then you need to get the new WhatsApp 2.12.342 APK that brings a bunch of new, funky features for Android users. Talking of new features, here is a list of the top 4 features that will make you want to get the latest APK version of WhatsApp from its official website.

In-app previews for tweets

Everyone shares tweets with his/her WhatsApp friends for different reasons. Even though this has been possible for a while on the Facebook-owned chat app, recipients of this shared tweet could only see a URL leading to the tweet. Well, this is about to change and if you can’t wait for the stable version, the latest APK is what you just need to get a taste of what the new preview feature is like.

In short, it means that it is now possible to see previews of tweets when shared from WhatsApp chats. With this update, the new WhatsApp 2.12.342 APK edges closer to what Telegram is already offering in its stable version.

Starred messages

There are some messages we always want to keep for longer periods than others. However, based on the fact that WhatsApp users exchange more than 64 billion messages in a day, it can be tough to find this message from a huge collection of others, especially if you don’t remember the sender’s name.

However, WhatsApp v2.12.342 APK comes to the rescue with starred messages. Using this feature, users can simply star chats that are important to them and then refer back to them whenever they feel like.

The process is quite easy. Just press and hold on a chat and tap on the star icon that shows up. To find a starred message, launch the chat app and tap on the three dots to pop up the menu. Select the option for viewing starred messages and that’s it!

Delete older group messages

As pointed out earlier, WhatsApp users exchange billions of messages daily. If you are part of a WhatsApp group, the case can even be worse in terms of messages received in a day, especially if the members are extremely active.

If you have been keeping a backup of your chats, you probably have thousands of group messages stored on your phone. Well, even if you keep them, there is a huge doubt that you will go back and read all of them. To take care of this, WhatsApp 2.12.342 brings in some flexibility where the users can delete old group messages and leave new ones.

To do this, open the group chat and tap on the three dots. Tap on the “More>Clear Chat” and while in there, you will be served with an option to clear all group messages or alternatively, simply delete older messages, say 30 days or even 6 months old.

This option is also available if you want to clear WhatsApp messages in general. To get rid of messages, launch the app and tap on the three dots. Follow this by tapping on “Settings>Chats and calls>Chat history>Clear all chats” and from here, choose from clearing messages older than 30 days or 6 months, or clear all messages.

Google Drive backup for chats

WhatsApp users can now create chat backups on Google Drive. This feature has been on and off several APK versions, but it is now available on the latest APK version. While the same feature has already been availed on the current stable version of the chat app, this update brings performance improvements to this function in a bid to speed up the backup process.

Once the APK is installed, the setup will prompt you to back up your data using your preferred Google account. In addition, you can choose the frequency in which these backups are created, be it daily, weekly or even monthly. There is also room for backing up video, but this is optional.

The new addition means that migrating from one phone to another while bringing along your WhatsApp messages is now a no brainer. However, the backup will only be available to a device that has been signed in using the Google Drive account that was used to back up the messages as well as to the phone number that is associated with the said Google account.